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Eddie the bad tempered teddy bear is a picture book for pre-schoolers.


It’s a beautiful sunny day and Eddie is having a relaxing stroll in the woods. Surely nothing could make him lose his temper and have a “Bearsplosion” today… Or could it?

Reviews of Eddie The Bad Tempered Teddy Bear

Sarah W (Primary School Teacher)

You have a hit on your hands! The class loved the story, they were doing “bearsplosions!” playtime AND the little girl I was worried about said two words today! We’re going to do some work on feelings and I think Eddie will be there helping!

A Comical Treat – H.T.Ritherland

Firstly I read this book to my self before trying it on the kids. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique writing style and expressive illustrations, its unlike any of the other children’s books we have. And of course the children find it very amusing. It’s good to have the children laugh at themselves for having a “bearsplosion” and know its ok to have big emotions. We highly recommend this book and we look forward to Eddies’ future misadventures.

Great book for the little ones – The Asp “janesmck”

Great book to teach those terrible two’s about being calm when things frustrate them. Our little one loves it. The illustrations are very good and the story is clear and interesting. We are definitely looking forward to the next “Bearsplosion” chapter!

Simply “Bear-tastic”! – Lew Su Ann (Brunei Darussalam)

A very cute book with superb illustrations. With easy to read text and plenty of reactions and emotions from Eddie the teddy bear. The story is great, making me wonder who or what will make Eddie blow his temper. It is a fun book to read. Highly recommended and a great book for kids!


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