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Here it is Deathtrip part five. Could it be that Jorz and Krell’s money worries are over? Well, maybe but their real troubles are only just about to begin.

There’s a lot of decision making that goes into producing a comic, character design, writing, panel layout, composition colour palette, or whether to even use colour at all. Initially the whole thing was going to be in black and white.



12 panel grid allows for flexibility of formatting

I liked the stark simplicity of it but then soon realised that adding a few grey tones gave me some more design options and finally I gave in and decided to go with colour which provide even more design options but requires a lot more decision making of course.

I’ve used a flexible 12 panel grid layout which may never use all 12 panels at once but allows me to format the comic in different ways. i.e. I could divide up the comic into 4 separate newspaper format strips or as 2 half-page strips which seems to work well for the webcomics format and should I ever print it like a traditional comic book. I can stack the strips as a standard sized comic page as above.




Putting the comic in this flexible format creates other issues with regard to the writing and pacing of the story. If it’s going to work there has to be some kind of cliffhanger or gag at least every half page and where possible on every quarter page. Phew, like I said there’s a lot of stuff to think about.

Finally, here are some of the rough thumbnails I produced for this particular page. I’m currently using Sketchbook Pro with a Wacom Cintiq for the roughs and Adobe Illustrator for the final pages.


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Space Trash: New Webcomic

I’ve been posting stuff about it for a while now and here it finally is. My webcomic Space Trash. I’m not going to attempt to commit to a regular update schedule on this as it’s a labour of love and paid work will always take precedence. So if you want to follow the adventures of Jorz and Krell as and when they appear just subscribe to the Space Trash rss feed to receive update notifications. For the feed for all blog updates go here



Character Concept Sketches for an Alien Bar

The title speaks for itself really. Here are some recent concept sketches that I did in Sketchbook Pro for Space Trash. This panel that required a bunch of different alien type characters in a bar. I suppose you could call it my story’s, Star Wars “Cantina Bar” moment that happens in when the two main characters enter a bar for a meeting with their client. The planet they are on is a tough mining colony and this scene takes place in a rough bar near a spaceport where there would be a lot of off-worlders and shady characters of all kinds mingling together, for fun, relaxation and often more nefarious activities.alien-bar-concept-sketches

Rise of the Mirrorbots

Sketchbook Pro has a great function which allows you to split the drawing area vertically or horizontally and mirror on one side what is drawn on the other. Generally speaking it’s considered to be a bad thing in comics and animation to create poses which are symmetrical but for character creation this mirror tool really helps me to break out of the box.

I needed a robot character for the webcomic that I’ve been working on and using the mirror tool helped me come up with some surprisingly Japanese looking designs, well it surprised me anyway.

Here are some of the results of this experiment. I really liked the guy on the top right so I took him and developed him some more and he’s made it into the webcomic which I hope to start posting on a regular basis on this site later this year.

Gun-Toting Space Lizard – New comic strip character

I never seem to have enough time to develop my personal projects, but I’ve been working on a comic strip for a while now and things are finally starting to come together with the script and characters. Here is a design for one of the main characters in the strip, though I haven’t completely decided what his name is yet. Lets just call him “gun-toting space lizard” for now. He’s basically a good guy although somewhat mercenary in outlook.