Interview for the Man vs Art Podcast

manvsartThis week I’m the featured artist on the hilarious Man vs Art podcast with Raul Aguirre Jr. Raul and I have a great time discussing children’s book illustration, the huge influence of British and American comics, animation and the state of the industry in general. Even my daughter gets in on the act. Plus there’s a special guest appearance by the one and only Alan Moore (O.K not really) but check it out.

Sign Up for Tooniversity

If you live in the Northland area of New Zealand why not come to one of my 1/2 day summer holiday workshops. I kicked off this week at Mahurangi College as part of year ten’s activity week and will be doing more at the Quarry arts centre in Whangarei beginning the week of 21/1/13 if you’re interested in signing up please do so asap as places tend to go quickly.

The workshops are suitable for anyone age nine or over and will cover such topics as anatomy, perspective, inventing your own characters and creating dynamic poses.

New character concept development

Here’s a couple of pics showing the development of a character from my personal comic project. He’s a crusty old miner who our heroes encounter in a bar setting the stage for the main action. Although the story is set in space, it has a lot parallels with a traditional western, so I”ve decded to go with that theme and imagined him as an old prospector type tough and wiry.




Gun-Toting Space Lizard – New comic strip character

I never seem to have enough time to develop my personal projects, but I’ve been working on a comic strip for a while now and things are finally starting to come together with the script and characters. Here is a design for one of the main characters in the strip, though I haven’t completely decided what his name is yet. Lets just call him “gun-toting space lizard” for now. He’s basically a good guy although somewhat mercenary in outlook.

The SKAnimals Comic strips

Question: What do a lizard, a mouse a stork, a bear and a fox have to do with the world’s largest radio telescope?

Answer: The animals are a group of characters that I was asked asked to create in order to explain the workings of the S.K.A ( That’s the Square kilometre array) to children in the 9 – 14 age bracket. They live in a desert but the country couldn’t be too specific as that hasn’t been decided. So no monkeys or kangaroos in the group, although South Africa and Australia have been shortlisted as potential locations.

Here is an excerpt from the first comic together and some rough scribbles that were part of the layout process


To download the first 2 comics and visit the SKA Telescope website please go here.