Illustration for That’s Life Magazine

Title: Mortifed
Client: That’s Life Magazine Via The Illustrator’s Agency

This illustration for the Australian publication That’s Life which features readers true life stories and was a fun one to do. It was completed and approved within a few of days of receiving the commission. That’s what I love, fast turnarounds!

The brief on this one, was to show a mother preparing dinner in the kitchen, while at the same time comforting her daughter, who’s just been relating the tale of an embarrassing incident.

The illustration was done in a combination of Adobe Illustrator (Background elements and props), Manga Studio (Initial rough sketch and final character art) and Photoshop (Compositing and colour correction).

Mortified: Illustration for That's Life Magazine

For comparison. Here’s the initial sketch, which as you can see, just required some small changes to the facial expressions.

Mortified: Initial rough sketch


Wild West Slush Puppy Mural Illustration for a Netherlands Theme Park

Client: Slagharen Vakantiepark via

slush-puppy-western-5 I enjoyed working on this mural design project. it’s been a long time since I had the opportunity to work on some licensed properties. It was refreshing not to have to come up with a completely original character for once. Although working on licensed characters has it’s own set of challenges of course, not least of which is keeping the characters on-model.

Sometimes it helps to draw the character and go away and do something else for a few hours . When you come back to it you see it with fresh eyes and any errors suddenly stand out with startling clarity.

Here are some of the rough drafts I went through trying to get Slush Puppy right. Roughs were done in Manga Studio 5 and final design was completed in Adobe Illustrator.



Animated Characters for an Ipad Game App

Below is the finished splash page for the Ipad game app Jungle Jim.

The client also needed two animated characters for this game, a Jungle Jim and a Jungle Jane.

To create the animated characters, I had to draw them in a vine-swinging pose and then separate each part out on to it’s own layer, so that the animator could do his bit and move each part, as necessary, to create the swinging motion.

The final image is my rough design for the Jungle Jim character, as he would appear on the splash page for the app. The logo wasn’t used by the client, in the end, although he liked it. He’d already chosen a font that he liked and preferred to stick with it throughout for consistency.

The Jungle Jim game is available to download for free from itunes app store.

jungle-Jim-cartoon-characteanimated-jungle-characters junglejim-rough016

3D product designs for contact lens case manufacturer

Optipak produce a range of novelty contact lens cases in the shape of cartoon characters. They required two sets of drawings from which they could manufacture a couple of new products

I roughed out some ideas in pencil and paper but in order to aid visualisation, I created some rough 3D models of the characters and used these as a guide on which to base the characters.

Rough Designs :
Some of the development sketches and 3D models.

Wild Willy Character Design

Initial rough design concept with explanatory annotations

Client Brief:Come up with a fun cartoon character that kids could relate to for a family fun center. Arcade bumper boats mini golf etc. Name of the park is Wild Willy’s.
Character should be a clumsy adventure character who always finds himself in difficult situations and by luck is able to get out of trouble. Fun version of Indiana Jones.Would like to roll this into t shirt concepts etc.

Clients Comments: “Hi Andy. Looks great!!! Can you also do a version with dirty blonde hair?”

The SKAnimals Comic strips

Question: What do a lizard, a mouse a stork, a bear and a fox have to do with the world’s largest radio telescope?

Answer: The animals are a group of characters that I was asked asked to create in order to explain the workings of the S.K.A ( That’s the Square kilometre array) to children in the 9 – 14 age bracket. They live in a desert but the country couldn’t be too specific as that hasn’t been decided. So no monkeys or kangaroos in the group, although South Africa and Australia have been shortlisted as potential locations.

Here is an excerpt from the first comic together and some rough scribbles that were part of the layout process


To download the first 2 comics and visit the SKA Telescope website please go here.

Cheesy Characters

This is something new for me but I’ve been asked to design a mural for our local cheese shop. The original inspiration was a birthday card which features mice looking longingly into the window of a cheese shop which you can see below. I wanted to do something similar while avoiding a complete rip off of the original, so I came up with the idea of a gang of “jewel thief” mice a la Mission Impossible except the jewels would be rounds of cheese rather than diamond necklaces.

So I came up with this initial rough sketch.

Keith , the owner of the cheeseshop liked the concept but thought the mice were a bit sinister looking  so I redesigned the mice and made them cuter and more generic.

Here’s the final sketch and mock up, made in Illustrator and Photoshop

So now we just need to get on and do the hard bit, actually painting  the mural, so I’ll keep you posted about that.