I’m Lovin’ It – Characters in McDonalds

Fast food restaurants and shopping malls are great places to spot real life characters. Here are some people sketches from the McDonalds which is about 20 minutes drive from my house. My cholesterol level is going through the roof and I’m getting fitted for a pacemaker next week but what can I say. Terrible diet equals great sketching opportunities!collage0019

Ralph Fiennes Caricature

I was vaguely aware of Ralph Fiennes role as Voldemort , but it’s only when I really studied his face that I realised how seriously malevolent the guy can look, even without the make up (Even more so maybe). I suppose that’s why he gets cast as the villain as often as he gets the heroic roles.

This caricature was done for the Caricaturama Showdown 3000 Facebook Group. Don’t forget to visit and like my Facebook page.


A Cartoon Character Goldmine on my Doorstep

In an effort to get away from the computer and my desk and out of the house occasionally, I’ve been getting myself in to the habit of taking my sketchbook with me everywhere I go and I’ve discovered a goldmine of local characters in the process.

sketches003So far the best places I’ve discovered, are the car park of my local convenience store, motels and shopping mall food courts. I’ve really been having a blast, going out in the morning doing maybe 40 minutes of sketches, bringing them home and cleaning them up a little bit in Sketchbook Pro before posting them on Facebook for some instant feedback.

It’s been so much fun that I’m going to make this a regular thing from now on. These are the sketches from my most popular Facebook posts of last month. To get more posts like these in your Facebook or Twitter feed, like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.


Caricature Sketch of the day: Martin Freeman as The Hobbit

I’m looking forward to the forthcoming Peter Jackson movie of The Hobbit, it’ll be interesting to see how they managed to make three movies out of it though I seem to recall that it wasn’t a very long book. Oh well, in anticipation of the event here’s a caricature sketch of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

Caricature Sketch of the Day: Matt Smith-Doctor Who

Doctor_Who-Matt_Smith_caricatureI’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for a looooong time.  I can still vividly remember Jon Pertwee, and I may have even wept a little when he was killed by those giant rubber spiders (O.K. I admit it , I bawled) which kind of gives away my age doesn’t it?  If you have no idea what I’m talking about take a look at this link. I can’t think of any other TV program that I used to watch as a seven year old that I still watch just as avidly. I really like Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor. In fact since the series has been revived each doctor has been better than the last. So here’s my tribute to Matt with my latest caricature of the day.



Caricature sketch of the day: Keith Richards

keith-richards006I’m really enjoying doing these quick character sketches/caricatures as a way of warming up and giving the cartooning muscles a workout. Todays sketch is of a youthful and significantly less gnarly, though not exactly fresh faced Keith Richards circa 1974.

Tommy Lee Jones Sketch

Tommy-Lee-Jones-001I have tended to avoid calling myself a caricaturist or to offer this as a service in the past. But I’ve come to the conclusion that a character designer who is any good should really be able to produce a half decent caricature. so with this in mind I’ve been working on a caricature a day as a warm up exercise, from time to time I’ll post the ones I like up here. The previous one I posted was Lemmy and here’s one I did today, Tommy Lee Jones.

Lemmy from Motorhead in Sketchbook Pro 6

Sketchbook Pro 6 is out and I love it! It has a new set of cutomiseable paint brushes. This new functionality makes Sketchbook Pro start to look like a real alternative to Painter It’s a low priced application but it’s drawing tools look and feel very natural to work with. The innovative and minimalist interface allows for maximum drawing area and it doesn’t suffer from the lag that other bloated applications seem to have. Anyway thats enough gushing praise, here’s a sketch of Lemmy from Motorhead done in Sketchbook Pro 6.


Audrey, the face that launched a 1000 designs…well at least 3 anyway

Back in 1994 , when I was working as an assistant animator at Amblimation studios in London. I noticed that some of the animators had pics of Audrey Hepburn pinned up alongside the usual approved model sheets and reference photos. this struck me as odd because we were working on Balto, a movie primarily about sled dogs in Alaska.

It turned out that the female lead, a Siberian husky called Jenna, was based at least in part on Audrey Hepburn. As strange as this may seem. Amongst the animation community, Audrey Hepburn is widely considered to have had THE most perfectly proportioned female face, a face that  I suspect has been used many times over the years as a model for animated heroines and yes, even animated animals.

It has been documented that Audrey was the original inspiration for Tom Oreb’s princess Aurora character design from Disney’s 1959 movie, Sleeping Beauty and again 32 years later with Mark Henn and James Baxter’s Belle from Beauty & The Beast. Therefore it does seem that there is some truth to the notion that was held by the ancient Greeks that true beauty always conforms to certain timeless proportions and as such is not subject to the vagaries of fashion.

Above: From woof to waif Jenna – Audrey comparison

Now, I don’t normally do caricatures, or portraits of  famous people, but I thought that it would be highly remiss for someone like myself  who calls himself a character designer, not to at least attempt to get on the Audrey Hepburn bandwagon so here’s my take on the gorgeous Audrey below.


Stuff I drew this week 4: Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy fired up my youthful imagination in all sorts of ways, so as it’s Carrie’s birthday this week, what a perfect excuse to draw a Princess Leia cartoon.




..and here’s the video of me drawing her.


Golden Girl



Apropos of nothing, here’s a colour sketch that I did of a cute redheaded girl. Not based on anyone in particular, but on reflection she does remind me a bit of the Kiwi singer Kirsten Morell http://www.myspace.com/kirstenmorrell formerly lead singer in Goldenhorse.  I actually met her once and she was incredibly sweet and down to earth.