Animated Characters for an Ipad Game App

Below is the finished splash page for the Ipad game app Jungle Jim.

The client also needed two animated characters for this game, a Jungle Jim and a Jungle Jane.

To create the animated characters, I had to draw them in a vine-swinging pose and then separate each part out on to it’s own layer, so that the animator could do his bit and move each part, as necessary, to create the swinging motion.

The final image is my rough design for the Jungle Jim character, as he would appear on the splash page for the app. The logo wasn’t used by the client, in the end, although he liked it. He’d already chosen a font that he liked and preferred to stick with it throughout for consistency.

The Jungle Jim game is available to download for free from itunes app store.

jungle-Jim-cartoon-characteanimated-jungle-characters junglejim-rough016

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